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      • Locatie
      • De Avenue
      • Waterstraat 5
      • 4811 WZ Breda
      • Noord-Brabant, Nederland
      • Van
      • 18 juni 2019
      • Tot
      • 18 juni 2019
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      • 19:30 - 23:30 uur

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      Special & Celebration
      Happy to present:
      Tyler aka Dj Avani is the Founder Ecstatic Dance Oakland, San Francisco, Fairfax, and the Non Profit Organization: Ecstatic Dance.org Community, which helps people start Ecstatic Dances in their towns & cities around the world.

      Dance in connection by Tom Goldhand
      Contact improvisation is a dance technique where we learn and experience how to share the dance through sharing contact.

      From touch into sharing the weight and playing with each other in many new ways of movement.

      In this workshop we will come together to connect and explore new pathways to dance together.

      “If you have never done Contact Improvisation this is a great way into this wonderful art form.
      If you have done it before, you know why we do it 🙂
      See you on the dance floor”, Tom Goldhand

      Ecstatic dance is a unique heart opening dancing Experience. Freedom, love, gratitude, expansion & celebration of Oneness. Together we create a connected energy where everybody feels safe and free to dance. Explore your inner world and find a pathway to bliss and ecstasy.

      19:00 Welcome
      19:30 Opening ceremony & Contact Impro by Tom Goldhand
      20:30 Ecstatic Dance: DJ Avani
      22:30 Closing Ceremony

      Ecstatic Dance Guidelines:
      This means dancing on bare feet, no talking, but meeting in the dance if you like. no intoxication, no chemical perfume, dance however you wish, respect yourself, and each other. Herbal thee and Purified water as much as you like and afterwards fruit.
      You are welcome to join!

      18,50 euro presale via Chipta (tickets www.devalounge.com or Facebook devalounge) 20,00 euro cash at the door. Pin possible 🙂
      Please be on time:-)

      Adress Location
      De Avenue
      Waterstraat 5, 4811WZ Breda

      Inspired by & with kind permission of Ecstatic Dance World community.
      See you on the dancefloor ♥
      Ecstatic dance Guidelines and info about the evening of our dj’s www.devalounge.com




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