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      • Locatie
      • OOST
      • Oosterstraat 13a
      • 9711 NN Groningen
      • Groningen, Nederland
      • Van
      • 16 januari 2019
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      • 17 januari 2019
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      • 16:00 - 17:00 uur

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      - Sjamsoedin
      - Hollt
      - Crouwel
      - Cosmic Force
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      Live electronic music and mesmerising live performances by some of the nicest electronic live acts around. If you want to experience impressive live electronics, this is where you need to be during Eurosonic 2019. Expect breathtaking productions, impressive stage presentations and overwhelmingly good but seriously danceable music.

      Electronic, Dance, Alternative, Techno, House, Eclectic.

      - - -

      S J A M S O E D I N
      Amsterdam based Sjam Sjamsoedin has been around the electronic music scene for over fifteen years. He bought his first sampler in 1999 and has been experimenting with electronic instruments ever since, which culminated in building his own modular synth in 2014 to sculpt his own sound.
      Sjamsoedin’s live reputation is growing, with shows at Down The Rabbit Hole, Amsterdam Dance Event, World Minimal Music Festival, Best Kept Secret, Solar and Milkshake this year, Sjamsoedin is already presenting his new material in a performance full of electronica, house and techno ingredients. All created live on stage by man and machine.

      C R O U W E L
      Amsterdam based producer Crouwel lets you get lost and picks you up in a warm blanket of mesmerising sounds that keeps you moving all night long. Crouwel draws inspiration from greats such as Bob Moses, Weval, Âme, Dixon and George FitzGerald. His first EP will be out this autumn and includes collaborations with Bink Beats, Ariaan Olieroock (16 Bit Lolitas / Cubicolor) and Chris Mulder (Yakumo Orchestra).

      H O L L T
      Merging funky basslines and melodic tech-house with dreamy soundscapes. On stage, Hollt creates the perfect mix between techno and house, whilst having lots of fun with his audience and colleague artists. With his own label and studio, new releases and collabs slated and industry-wide support, 2018 will be the year Hollt is cementing his name in the scene.

      C O S M I C F O R C E
      COSMIC FORCE [Ben Spaander] began his musical career at the early age of 15. He first started making mixtapes, like many early hip hop heads, with a cassette recorder and a turntable he borrowed from his mother. COSMIC FORCE then started to experiment with guitar stompboxes and effect processors which he used on existing music. Attracted by the (at that time) upcoming hiphop/electro scene of the early eighties, influenced and inspired by these fresh hiphop and electro sounds combined with the more experimental music from Pierre Henri, Oscar Sala and Kraftwerk, he developed his own sound. The first Cosmic Force release was in 1996 on Clone Records. After this, he had numerous releases under different pseudonyms, like Ototax, Proskool, Double Dutch and Dr. Switch.



      • Adres: Oosterstraat 13a
        Postcode: 9711 NN
        Plaats: Groningen


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