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      • Locatie
      • Eethiek Rotterdam
      • van Vollenhovenstraat 15
      • 3016 BE Rotterdam
      • Zuid-Holland, Nederland
      • Van
      • 08 mei 2019
      • Tot
      • 08 mei 2019
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      • alle leeftijden
        • Indicatie entreeprijzen
        • - volwassen
        • - kinderen
        • - senioren / 65+
        • 10,00
        • 0,00
        • € 0,00
      • (Openings)tijden
      • 19:00 - 20:30 uur

      Extra informatie

      On Wednesday the 8th of May it is time for the most fashionable event of the year: The New Fashion Society Annual Fashion Show!

      // Designers
      This year again NFS is partnering with many talented designers, including
      > Daisy Vorm (https://www.daivor.com)
      > Vincent Moerman (Vincent Moerman Fashion)
      > Georgi Michev with AMOK (@amokworks on Instagram)
      > MELIANGE (@meliangec on Instagram)
      > Van Else (@vanelse on Instagram)
      > Nagia Ghaznawi (Moonlight Elegance)
      > Serbian Fashion (Katarina Pavlović, Jelena Vučetić, Teodora Binić)
      > Van Dorem (Dennisvandorem)

      More names to be announced soon, but we're also preparing a few surprises for you...

      // Cocktails
      You will have the opportunity to enjoy a nice cocktail during and after the show. Chatting about fashion with other aficionados around a Cosmopolitan, what else?

      // Afterparty with DJ
      We will also hold an afterparty at the same location to exchange about the show and have a good time together. DJ Berke Özgüç will also be there if you're in the mood to dance!

      // Time and place
      The NFS Annual Fashion Show will take place at Eethiek (van Vollenhovenstraat 15) at 19:30 (doors open at 19.00).

      // Tickets
      Get your ticket for the Fashion Show and the afterparty now via the link below! We have limited spots!




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